Shrink & Vacuum

Shrink and vacuum bag packaging are great way extend the shelf-life of your product and provide consumer confidence. The smooth, clear package lets consumers confidently see your product and know that freshness is locked in.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags keep food fresh while extending shelf life from three to five times that of conventional plastic packaging. High barrier vacuum pouches are the ideal solution for fresh and processed meat.

Shrink Bags

Airtight shrink bags, produced with FDA-approved polyolefin are a secure solution for packaging fresh food with a firm, adaptive seal. They provide visual transparency with odor-reductive shrinking that resist rips and tears.


Medium barrier heat-shrink bags for vacuum packaging and used for selling and storing frozen/chilled sausages, frozen foods and poultry.


Heat-shrink bags with high shrink ability and strength used for vacuum or MAP packaging, sale and storage of cheese, sausages, or boneless chilled meat.


Vacuum packaging heat-shrink barrier bags for storage and sale of products with sharp edges, coarse surfaces, or meat on the bone.


Highly puncture resistant low barrier for bone-in products with no bone guard cloth. Heat shrink barrier bags for vacuum packaging.

Shrink Film

This highest quality, multilayer, high-barrier FDA-approved shrink film, provides excellent product presentation and long shelf life. The film is suitable for use on flowrapping, thermoforming and lidding packaging solutions.


A solution for food products using FlowBag and Flow-Vac technologies. This multilayer high-barrier film is a replacement for heat-shrink bags.


A biaxially oriented film suitable for the traditional thermoforming for food products.


A multilayer high-barrier film for food products packaging.


FormShrink technology is used to provide a multilayer high-barrier heat-shrink film for food products.

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